Maja'sit Kluskap
Kluskap’s Departure

Kluskap departing for his journey on the back of a Blue whale. Image courtesy of Gerald R. Gloade.

In this video Gerald Gloade shares one of the many stories marking Blomidon, Metuwatqek  Metoqtek, as an important place. The story tells of Kluskap’s departure from Blomidon and how the whale got its spout!

Blomidon, Metuwatqek  Metoqtek, is one of the most culturally-significant places in Mi’kma’ki. As a key landmark for wayfinding, a location rich in resources, and a central place in Mi’kma’ki, there are many stories that help people to know and remember this place.


Blomidon is important for many reasons. One reason is that it is an important place to find the particular rocks used to make a wide variety of hunting and processing tools.

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