A Cultural Landscape

Visitors will be welcomed into a landscape, not just a building. Interpretation will extend from the inside to the outside, reminding us that we are in a special ancestral place.

Visitors will be welcomed into a landscape…

The future Mi’kmawey Debert Cultural Centre has been designed as a campus that will integrate indoor and outdoor programming seamlessly.

Visitors will be encouraged to imagine what the landscape looked like thousands of years ago. They will be reminded that a living community was here and that the “presences” of our ancestors are still here. Mi’kmaw interpreters will guide visitors throughout the landscape, allowing them to gain a full appreciation of the history of Mi’kma’ki as well as a connection to this special place.

Anything that can be seen, heard, smelled, touched, tasted or otherwise remembered is part of this place. The fragrance of sweet fern and sage and the taste of blueberries are lasting memories of time spent on the site.

Anything that can be seen, heard, smelled, touched…

This landscape is alive with people, animals, and stories. Life, language, knowledge, spirit and time are all integrated in Mi’kmaw worlds. And in this place where ancestors lived, laughed, loved, struggled, learned, and shared, the past continues to exist in the present.

Access to outdoor areas will begin from designated points off the exhibition galleries and educational spaces.

Access to outdoor areas will begin from designated…

The outdoors is an integral part of the visitor experience at the Centre. There will be many ways visitors can explore, enjoy and learn. Some will embark on pathways and experiences that connect to the past and lead to healing. Encounters in the landscape will remind visitors that this is a place in Mi’kma’ki and that daily they move and live in the cultural landscape of the Mi’kmaq.

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