Gallery 4: We Are L’nuk, We Are Mi’kma’ki

The fourth gallery, We are Lnu’k, We Are Mi’kma’ki, will emphasize the creativity, strength, and resiliency of Mi’kmaw communities today. Visitors will be introduced to contemporary issues, will have opportunities to learn Mi’kmaw songs and dance, and will  be encouraged to think about their own role in the future of Mi’kma’ki.

Stories told in this gallery will focus on community gatherings and celebrations, both past and present. The importance of these gatherings—for social and political reasons—is shared through various exhibit spaces. Significance will be placed on the central role of music, song, and dance in carrying on and recreating culture for this and future generations.

A number of exhibits will confront the stereotypes and misconceptions that Mi’kmaw people continue to face on a daily basis. Visitors will get to test their knowledge by taking a ‘True or False’ quiz that challenges how many people understand what it means to be a Mi’kmaw person as well as part of a Mi’kmaw community and Nation.

Late Elder Caroline Gould shares her knowledge about the game waltes with visitors to the Membertou 400 Cultural Village in Halifax, June 2010. Image courtesy of Shirley Robb, Province of Nova Scotia.

Late Elder Caroline Gould shares her knowledge…

The Cross Cultural Facilitation (CCF) program is currently working on a curriculum resource for three subject areas (Healing, Contemporary Issues, and Netukulimk) in three age ranges (P-3, grades 4-6, and grades 7-9). Here the members of the CCF committee pilot a skit focused on confronting stereotypes.

The Cross Cultural Facilitation (CCF) program…

The Elders’ Advisory Council and the MDCC staff wish visitors to feel a sense of well-being as we do when we gather at important places like Partridge Island, Nova Scotia.

The Elders’ Advisory Council and the MDCC…

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