Mi’kmawey Debert
Interpretive Trail

One view of the Mi’kmawey Debert Interpretive Trail. We will be celebrating the trail’s 10th anniversary this coming October.Picture an ice-age landscape with mastodons, caribou, and giant beavers wandering over the tundra that covered Mi’kma’ki more than 11,000 years ago. Imagine communities of people who lived at the base of the Cobequid Mountains for more than a thousand years. This is the story of the Mi’kmawey Debert Interpretive Trail. The interpretive panels located along the trail share the ever-growing story of the ancestral Debert sites.
Sharon Farrell (Miawpukek First Nation), Mi’kmaw archaeologist, enjoys one of the streams along the Mi’kmawey Debert Interpretive Trail.

Sharon Farrell (Miawpukek First Nation), Mi’kmaw archaeologist...

Featuring the artwork of Dozay Christmas, the panels were created by the Mi’kmawey Debert Elders’ Advisory Council, who guide the overall development of the Mi’kmawey Debert Cultural Centre. The trail abounds with wild flowers, tall trees and running streams of today’s warmer climate and travels through moderate terrain and diverse forest cover.

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A small “utilized flake”— a small flake of stone used as a tool without being made into a formal tool form.. Michael Stephens (Millbrook First Nation) holds the artifact he found during archaeological testing. The artifact was last held by an ancestor more than 11,000 years ago.

A small “utilized flake”— a small flake of stone used as a tool without being...

19 Responses to Mi’kmawey Debert Interpretive Trail

  1. Jamie says:

    The trails should be signs better to show where people at

    • MDCC says:

      Hi Jamie,

      The trail is maintained regularly and last year we posted new directional signage. We like the idea of having a series of “you are here” signs that will help orient walkers. We will work to complete those this summer.

      Thanks for your feedback!
      MDCC Staff

  2. Tessa Mendel says:

    Excited to visit – sounds fascinating. Is it accessible now (March), or should we wait till later?

    • MDCC says:

      Hi Tessa,

      While people use the trail year-round, the parking lot is not plowed, and facilities are provided only between May and October.

      Enjoy your walk!
      MDCC Staff

  3. Stacey says:

    What year was the trail opened to the public? Who maintains it?

  4. Wendy says:

    Is the trail equine friendly?

    • MDCC says:

      Hi Wendy,

      The trail has several stairways that horses would not be able to maneuver (or the steep banks they are on).

      MDCC Staff

  5. Shannon says:

    Some Garbage Cans along the way or even at the end of the trail would be helpful. There was a lot of garbage at the end because there was no spot to put dog waste, water bottles and food waste.

  6. Ross Cantwell says:

    is there a location map for the trail? how do you get to it?

    • MDCC says:

      Good day, the Mi’kmawey Debert Interpretive Trail is located off Plains Road in Debert. As of right now we do not have a map of the trail, although it is something that we might explore in the future. There are signs throughout the trail that guide you. We hope this helps and you enjoy your hike at our trail!

  7. Sheila Crowder says:

    Love walking this trail. A group from our church camp (Camp Evangeline) in Debert walk this trail every year! Very Nice!

  8. Mylène DiPenta says:

    It sounds like we won’t have trouble following the trail once we’re on it, but I can’t seem to figure out how to find the trailhead. Can you advise?

    • MDCC says:

      Good afternoon,
      If you google the trail it will show up in maps. Here is the location as well: Plains Rd, Debert, NS B0M 1G0
      I hope this helps. If not, please contact us directly at 1.877.892.2424
      Thank you!

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