Mi’kmawe’l Tan Teli-kina’muemk Teaching About the Mi’kmaq


The curriculum resource developed by a distinguished group of Mi’kmaw educators is now available to teachers and the general public online here at the MDCC website as well as in hard copy through the office of the Mi’kmawey Debert Cultural Centre project. Supplementary materials can be found here.


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Click on the images above to download the resource and/or link to the page to download supplementary materials. 

The resource was designed for anyone who teaches Mi’kmaw history, culture and knowledge. Through the stories and knowledge of Mi’kmaw Elders, educators, and other experts, this volume will share content and teaching strategies for three subject areas for grades primary to nine:

  • Welo’ltimk—Healing
  • Kejitasimkewey Kiskuk—Contemporary Issues
  • Netukulimk—Economic, Social, and Political Life




Kinu’tma’suti: Contents


Table of Contents, Participants, and Welcome
Content and Organization
Engaging All Learners


The Mi’kmaq: An Introduction
Activities for All Ages


Introduction to Healing
Core Themes and Issues
Teaching Strategies
Primary to Grade 3: Expressing Emotion
Opening Activity I: What is Healing?
Opening Activity II: The Me’taleyin Game
Core Activity: The Muin Story—a lesson in sharing your feelings
Extension Activities: Sharing Circles, Storyboards, and Letters
Curriculum Outcomes
Grades 4 to 6: Diversity and Awareness
Opening Activity I: What is Healing?
Opening Activity II: Vocabulary Preparation
Opening Activity III: Strengthening Trust
Core Activity: Ms. Burnsbee—lessons in diversity and awareness
Extension Activities: Role Play, Character Maps, and Personal Maps
Curriculum Outcomes
Grades 7 to 9: Indian Residential School
Opening Activity I: What is Healing?
Background on Indian Residential Schools
Opening Activity II: KWL
Core Activity: Mnja’si Dante—a lesson in forgiveness and healing
Extension Activities: Alternate Endings, Poems, and Journals
Curriculum Outcomes


Introduction to Contemporary Issues
Core Themes and Issues
Teaching Strategies
Primary to Grade 3: Mawio’mi
Introduction to Mawio’mi
Core Activity: Mawio’mi—Regalia, Humour, Baskets, and Stories
Extension Activities: Artisans and Waltes
Curriculum Outcomes
Grades 4 to 6: Treaties
Introduction to Treaties
Opening Activity I: Word Scramble
Opening Activity II: “We Are All Treaty People” discussion
Core Activity: Classroom Treaty
Extension Activities: Debates, Classroom Treaty, A Closer Look, and Donald Marshall Jr.
Curriculum Outcomes
Grades 7 to 9: Land Loss and Displacement
Background on Land Loss and Displacement
Opening Activity I: KWL
Opening Activity II: Basic Concepts
Core Activity: “The Past is the Past!” Or Is It? A lesson in why history matters
Extension Activities: Thought Bubbles, Student Skits, Student Newspapers, Ask New
Questions, and Images as History
Curriculum Outcomes


Introduction to Netukulimk
Core Themes and Issues
Teaching Strategies
Primary to Grade 3: Msit No’kmaq
Opening Activity I: What is Msit No’kmaq?
Core Activity: Kiju—A Story of Netukulimk
Extension Activities: Sequencing, Storyboards, and Comparisons
Curriculum Outcomes
Grades 4 to 6: Traditional Knowledge
Opening Activity I: What is Netukulimk?
Opening Activity II: Cycles of Life
Core Activity: Muin aqq L’uiknek Te’sijik Ntuksuinu’k
Extension Activities: Naming the Stars, Sky Map Pro, and Mi’kmaw Navigation
Curriculum Outcomes
Grades 7 to 9: Netukulimk and Mi’kma’ki
Introduction to Netukulimk and Mi’kma’ki
Opening Activity I: Knowing Mi’kma’ki
Opening Activity II: Seeking Netukulimk
Core Activity: Stories of Mi’kma’ki
Extension Activities: Mapping Stories
Curriculum Outcomes

33 Responses to Teaching About the Mi’kmaq

  1. April Hiltz says:


    I am the Mi’kmaq Services Specialist for AVRSB and wondering if I could have a couple of copies of the Teaching Mi’kmaq resource, please? And thank you very much.

    Here’s my mailing addres:
    April Hiltz,
    Mi’kmaq Services Specialist
    121 Orchard St.
    PO Box 340
    Berwick, NS
    B0P 1E0

  2. Roger Lee Martin says:

    Gwe!, can anyone purchase these items? If so, please let me know. You can also reach me on Facebook under Roger Lee Martin. I like what I see..Welaliog! 🙂

    • MDCC says:

      Hi Roger,

      At this time, the Mi’kmawe’l Tan Teli-kina’muemk volumes are for distribution to teachers and educators free of charge. If you are an educator in an Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey school or one of the Nova Scotia provincial schools, your school will receive copies. If you are an educator at a school outside these two groups, send your mailing address to sheila@cmmns.com. Otherwise, we can put you on the general list. We hope to have some copies to distribute to other interested people. And of course, you can always download what is here on the site.

      Hope that works for you.
      MDCC staff

  3. Ida says:

    Very interesting

  4. Louise Companion says:

    Thank you for offering these programs and services.

  5. Can I please receive two copies of the Teaching Mi’kmaq Resources. These will be very valuable in two of my middle schools where I am the Mi’kmaq Aboriginal Student Support Worker. Please email me for my mailing address. Wela’lin, Msit no’kmaq. 🙂

  6. keith-Michael frank says:

    I would like to know some history of the people.

  7. Jessi Green says:

    Thank you for offering this resource. I would love to make use of this in my home class room if you have copies available for home educators.

  8. Delina Petit Pas says:

    We are trying to set-up a school in Newfoundland.

  9. Leanne Whitman says:

    I would like to request 2 copies of the Mi’kmae’l Tan Teli-kina’muemk.
    We are so excited to have a meaningful resource for our classrooms.

    • MDCC says:

      Hi Leanne,

      Depending on what grade level you are teaching, your school should be receiving a number of hard copies of Mi’kmawe’l Tan Teli-kina’muemk directly from the Department of Education (Book Bureau). If you will send the name of your school to Sheila Pierro, sheila@cmmns.com, she can confirm with the staff at the Department of Education that your school is on the distribution list. If your school is not already receiving them, we will ensure they receive copies.

      MDCC Staff

  10. Judy says:

    Hi there, I’m just wondering when schools will be provided with these curriculum resources.

    • MDCC says:

      Hi Judy,

      We have heard from the Department of Education that the last volumes were shipped on September 24th. We have been told that sometimes resources like this get waylaid on desks or integrated directly into libraries. We are suggesting you check with administration and library staff. Please let us know if your school is not able to locate your copies.

      MDCC Staff

  11. Keetha Metallic says:

    Good evening. My name is Keetha Metallic and I am a Mi’gmaq Teacher at the Campbellton Sugarloaf Senior High School. I was wondering and hoping to get at least 1 of these books. I deal with grade 9 and I believe this book will be beneficial to our Mi’gmaq student’s at our school. Would you be able to send me one please and thank you. The address to send it to is
    Sugarloaf Senior High School
    201 Dover St, Campbellton, NB
    E3N 1R3
    c/o Ms. Keetha Metallic

    District: New Brunswick School District 15

    Phone: (506) 789-2125s

  12. Keri Chandler says:

    Hi there,
    I wonder if I could get a copy of the teaching resource sent to me? I teach grade primary in Bedford NS. If it is possible, I will send you my address once I get your email.
    Thank you,
    Keri Chandler

    • MDCC says:

      Hi Keri,

      All schools in Nova Scotia, grades Primary to 9 received between 1 and 4 copies of the resource. If you teach Primary in Bedford, NS, then you should have a copy at your school. If you do not, please let us know and we will contact staff at the Department of Education.

      MDCC Staff

  13. Scott says:

    I am Lnu and my wife is Lakota. I am curious why there is a drawing of a Native with a Plains style head dress no the site. Wouldn’t it be more accurate to have a Mi’kmaq head dress on the guy?

    • MDCC says:

      Hi Scott,

      The line drawing is taken from the content that addresses stereotypes in Mi’kmawe’l Tan Teli-kina’muemk volume. In that section we ask teachers to use the drawings to reflect on assumptions and stereotypes. You can find the content on pages 30-31. Also, we would note (respectfully) that Mi’kmaw leaders wear a range of headdress styles.

      Thanks for sharing your concerns.
      MDCC Staff

  14. Angela Christmas says:

    Kwe’, I would love any hard copies MDCC has to offer for distribution. This is a great site and all our teachers would certainly benefit from these resources. My address is:

    Angela Christmas
    Mi’kmaw Language Teacher
    Se’t A’newey Kina’matino’kuom
    P.O. Box 100
    Conne River, NL
    A0H 1J0


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  16. Kalena Boudreau says:

    Could I have a copy of the p-3 for my grade three class?
    Elmsdale District School
    75 Macmillan Drive
    Elmsdale NS
    B2S 1A5

    • MDCC says:

      Hi Kalena,

      You should have a copy at your school. Every P-9 to school was sent between 1-4 copies directly from the book bureau. Please let us know if you have not received one.

      MDCC Staff

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  18. Gwen wysote says:

    My name is Gwen Wysote and I’m a Teacher assistance at the Campbellton Sugarloaf Senior High School. We had a Professional Learning Day here at the High School and saw the book “Teaching about the Mi’kmaq” that Matthew Sweezey had with him today. Ms. Keetha Metallic who is the Mi’gmaq Teacher at our school told me that she has the book. I would love to have two of the book one for me and the other for my daughter. The address to send it the books would be where I work.
    Thank you
    Gwen Wysote

    Sugarloaf Senior High School
    201 Dover St, Campbellton, NB
    E3N 1R3
    c/o Ms. Gwen Wysote

    District: New Brunswick School District 15
    Phone: (506) 789-2125

  19. Lamar Eason says:

    Hello, I am wondering if I can secure about 10 copies for some new teachers to our board. I am the RCH Coordinator for SSRSB and some teachers have taken the resource with them after leaving the schools. I don’t blame them as this is an amazing support resource. My mailing address is:
    Attention Lamar Eason, RCH Coordinator
    South Shore Regional School Board Office
    69 Wentzell Drive, Bridgewater, NS, B4V 0A2

    • MDCC says:

      Hi Lamar,

      You should contact the book bureau as they have a few copies left there. As always, you can also download a pdf from the site, which has the most up-to-date versions of the supplementary materials.

      MDCC Staff

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