Supplementary Materials for Teaching About the Mi’kmaq


The supplementary materials are listed by page number and noted as to whether they are a a black line master (BLM), graphic (GRA), photograph (PHOTO), map (MAP), cartoon (CAR), link (LINK), video (VIDEO), or document (DOC).

To view, print, or save the supplementary materials, click on the file name. 

Pages 8 to 39: INTRODUCTION
Pages 42 to 87: HEALING
Pages 156 to 204:  NETUKULIMK

10 Responses to Supplementary Materials for Teaching About the Mi’kmaq

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  2. Beverlyann Johnson says:

    Hi, I have started to teach the Mi’kmaw language, and I was handed this to use, I have started use this as a supplement to my program. Thank you.

    • MDCC says:

      Great news! We are in the process of recording audio files for pronunciation, so that may help non-speakers who are interested in starting to use the resource as well.

  3. Angela Christmas says:

    Would I be able to get a copy of the resources from this awesome site?? I have been teaching the Mi’kmaw Language for a few years and always seeking additional resources. Wela’lin! Nice Site!

    • MDCC says:

      Hi Angela,

      Our will be in touch with you. Thanks for your encouraging comments. We have completed audio recordings of pronunciations of Mi’kmaw terms, which we hope will be helpful for students (and non-speaking teachers).

      MDCC Staff

  4. Melanie Morrissey-Pictou says:

    Hello- Would it be possible to get a editable copy of some of the resources? I would like to translate them into French for my grade 9 students. Thank you!

    • MDCC says:

      Hi Melanie,

      Currently, the curriculum as well as all the supplementary materials are being translated into French. The materials will be posted here as soon as the translation is completed.

      MDCC Staff

  5. Eugena Euler says:

    Hello I was wondering how much it would be to purchase a copy of the text for my primary class to make up more lesson plans for my students

    • MDCC says:

      Hi Eugena,

      The texts were distributed free of charge to schools across the Province. Your school would have received copies as part of this distribution. We have no copies left at this time. If your school does not have copies, please send Sheila Pierro a note and she will follow up (

      We think the best approach is just to print a copy directly from the site, as there is a complete .pdf as well as separate files available.

      Glad you are enjoying the resources.

      MDCC Staff

  6. Tonya Broomer says:

    Thank you for all these resources!

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